Socos Foundation

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize health and human development; however, there are significant concerns about the potential for AI to be used to discriminate, invade privacy, and exacerbate social inequalities. In a world where AI or mass data delves increasingly into the most protected parts of our lives—health, jobs, housing, loans, and the law—there can be no true civil rights without the right fiduciary AI, systems working solely on your best interest.

Just as with a lawyer or doctor, fiduciary AI is a civil right. The Socos Foundation is building a data trust. It is not simply a database but an entire computational ecosystem hosting apps serving health, education, and legal needs of the members. The trust will

  • protect the privacy and security of members’ personal data,
  • develop AI products that are fair, transparent, and robust, and
  • audit outside applications to validate whether the algorithms do what they claim.

At launch we are partnering with Dionysus Health, which is using epigenetic testing to identify risk factors of postpartum and perimenopausal depression, as well as Muse, an internally developed app supporting parents with daily family activities, and Enlighten, a natural language tool tracking daily stress levels related to chronic illness. Many others are already in the design phase.


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